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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  February 24, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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>>neil: for get 13,000, focus on 109. not the dow milestone which we did not climb today, the oil one we just did. welcome, everyone, i am neil cavuto, and the price for a barrel of oil topping $109 today. gas prices jumping another four cents overnight. bad and bad timing, too. companies are already feeling the pinch. consumer products planning on slashing 4,000 jobs and deep discounts and same for j.c. j.c.penney, and general mills, not too cheery, weak demand
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expected to slam the profits for the rest of the year. that added to the surging oil price at a nine month high and my guest says the threat is very real. what is going on here? >>guest: well, it is simple. in the first year of the obama administration the average price for gas, all types, was $4.40 and now we are between $3.50 and $4, $150 billion in additional spending for consumers just on gas. that does not include everything else that goes up in price. that includes a potential for serious head wind for an economy trying to get off its back. >>neil: people have been told to be more optimistic and you think this will quickly turn that around. >>guest: well, look, what people feel when they open up their wallet, two different things. and if people feel less wealthy,
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they tend to spend less going forward, and last i looked three quarters of the consumers of the economy, so if the consumer is in trouble this goes the economy. and one important note i watched this weekend for the first time, oil prices affected the most important group that is leveraged to oil, and that is airlines. airline stocks were hit real hard so the market is thinking about it. >>neil: so, gary, if we see the dow in and out teasing the 13,000 thing and folks remind me these are not new highs but just revisiting four year highs and you are right. but are they just slumping this oil phenomenon off or is it because the dow has energy components in it. is that the wind at its back? >>guest: energy stocks have gone up big time and the energy is about over 20 percent of the s&p. so, that holds some weight.
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keep in mind, the market is where it was not just four years ago but we are talking 12 years ago so it is just recovering here. the market tab teflon but anything that causes the market to come down it is the oil prices. i watched it many times. it happened in 2008 so i am watching this very closely. >>neil: thank you, buddy, gary, following all of this. gas prices surging in a lot of key battleground states, for example, 16 percent up in florida from a year ago, and 16.5 percent in virginia, and up more than 14 percent in new hampshire. so what all the states have in common all states that president obama won four years ago. pat caddell says he is in political trouble today. >>guest: well, in everyone's sun sheen some rain must fall and president obama has had easy going the last few months with,
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he has mounted his own campaign with almost no open session, effective oppositioned and the self-destruction he is enjoying of the republican candidates. however, this is the problem i said at the beginning of the year. what about the unknown events of europe and iran, and the gasoline is affected, this becomes really serious matter. and i think the president has a real problem. the explanation yesterday i not was pretty lame. and i don't think that works very well. but, it only works well if the republicans continue not to have a narrative. >>neil: what is interesting, pat, and you are way up on this political stuff but one of the things that is fascinating i heard the president talk how republicans are using the gas situation to their political benefit. i remember a certain candidate doing the same thing. listen to this. >> since the gas lines the
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democrats and republicans have talked about energy in the senate but nothing has changed. >> president obama things high gasses deserve serious answers and a serious plan. john mccain got $2 million in contributions and john mccain wants to give them $4 million in tax breaks. we cannot afford another budget in the pocket of big oil. >>neil: does this come back to bite him? >>guest: if it is mounted. look, he has, if oil companies were the republicans' problems, the wasted money with the green energy, the 300 windmill jobs, wind farm jobs that worked tout $4 billion, it is less than $14.5 billion, $1 million a job, cow give people a check for $1 million and we would be better off. i said last week, the problem the president has is between promise and performance and his
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blaming the other side. again, the republicans do not seem to manage to mount the narrative and i use the example the way donald trump has. you get high gas prices because you are not drilling or producing energy you are supposed to, and you have the scandals on the other, and you are promoting cronies at the rate of, if i give you $300,000, bundled for you, i get $10 billion in return. and, then the problem in the crisis with iran letting that build to the contribution it is. there is a whole picture here but, so far, the republican candidates can not get beyond, my gosh, gas is going up. >>neil: we are showing the battleground states where you see the big pickup if gas prices, a lot of them are electoral -- rich states.
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>>guest: what will happen, this is the question, when gas hits $4.11 at the height in 2008 and we know what it did to people's perception on the economy, and the administration and how it hurt the campaign. if it goes up to $4 or $5 this is a very weak recovery and all you need is a little bit of top this with europe, and you need a little glitch in unemployment and they both matter, but it is costing people real money right now, and they are paying far more money for gasoline the last month, last two months have increased than anything they are getting from the payroll tax cut. this is felt everywhere, in food, and up and down the line and the question is, is the president going to escape blame? a lot depends on republicans. voter in 2008 decides the republicans, bush was president and it was his fault, therefore, it was john mccain, obama is the president so he is running. so if it is really bad, it will
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hurt him, so the question is, can the republicans overcome their own problems. >>neil: thank you. oil was getting not only over $109 but, almost at $110, and now, how high my guest thinks it could go. >>guest: well, $110 was a long term target, and i hope we can pull back if nothing bad happens over the weekend with iran. but i tell you this, we are one headline away from oil going up another $10 a barrel to $120 so we have to be very careful this weekend and keep the eye on the news. >>neil: who is gunning this? traders will take a trend and we hear this oliver stone view, push it and split -- exploit it, is part of that going on in any of that going on? >>guest: absolutely not. what we are seeing, the market is reflecting what is going on in europe. we have countries all over
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europe that are desperately afraid they will not be able to get oil supplies in a few weeks. we have already seen iran cut off germany and other countries and france from oil supplies and others are convinced there will be a war not middle east and supplies in the strait of hormuz could be cut off so we see countries all overtime globe scrambling to secure supplies. if we bull back from the brink they will have a lot of oil they will not know what to do with. if there is a cut off of supply, they will have supplies for get us through the worst of times. >>neil: and what about the slow but study improvement in the global economy? certainly off the mat and that is increasing demand. >>guest: well, 30 percent of what we see in oil is the global economy. that is what is happening. the numbers today, whether you look at house number, consumer confidence, that seems to be defying the record-high gasoline prices and it shows the economy is getting better but why think
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that would account for oil at $110 a barrel. that is part of it. probably 30 percent of the move has been strong economic growth and 70 percent is iran or syria or name your country of choice in the middle east. >>neil: thank you very much, bill flynn. no better read of the energy markets. "thank you, president obama," union members in michigan thanking president obama. [ male announcer ] this is lawn ranger -- eden prairie, minnesota.
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even helps awaken its driver if he begins to doze. so in the blink of an eye it will have performed more active safety measures than most cars will in a lifetime. introducing the all-new 2012 m-class. see your authorized mercedes-benz dealer for exceptional offers through mercedes-benz financial services. thank you, president obama! thank you, president obama! thank you, president obama! >>neil: the united auto workers rallying outside detroit's ford field but who was inside? not president obama, but mitt
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romney. and larry sabato is right, mitt should be thanking. governor romney is outlining his economic plan. and he is dancing the whole auto bailout issue. larry, how did the protesters help? >>guest: well, first, happy friday. and, second, the protesters helped romney because will every survey i have seen that has asked republicans in michigan what they think about the government auto bailout, a plurality or majority have opposed it. yes, even in miles per hour, the republicans have opposed the auto bailout and that is romney's position. it actually helps him in tuesday's primary, so, you are absolutely right. if he wins on tuesday night as i suspect he might, now, he needs --. >>neil: do you really, you think he will pull it out? >>guest: i think he will win in michigan.
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things are moving in his direction. i think he is doing better than some of the polls indicate. >>neil: i look at natural polls and, then, where they pit romney or santorum against the president, in michigan, the president leads by 20 points so, say he wins the primary. has his position, overguaranteed losing the state? >>guest: well, look, michigan is at least a leaning democratic state in any election. almost any election. the economy would have to be truly awful for a republican, even one with michigan ties like romney has, to have a real shot of winning michigan. i'm going to be surprised at the romney campaign, assuming he is the nominee, if they spend money in michigan come the fall, so, there are very few calculations that require a republican to carry michigan for win the general election. >>neil: did anyone hear
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romney's address, or the talk he would lower tax rates by ten percent? the rap is he did not think big. or that he did not go far enough. >>guest: i have heard that criticism about romney but, i think, in the back of his mind, he and his staff have always assumed, rightly or wrongly, that he would be the nominee, and they is tried to position him well for the general election. and, remember, the bolder you are in the primary, the more you will is to answer for that boldness in the general. you start talking about realigning entitlements, social security and medicare it will come back do bite you. >>neil: that i understand but you cannot count your electoral chickens before they are hatched assuming you get from here to there. and that is in big doubt. in michigan, santorum, too, can argue, i was against the auto
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bailout, so in a battle of equal positions, who gets the better of it? >>guest: well, i think romney has made that position a bigger part of his campaign, and, remember, he put that op-ed out there at the time of the bailouts, let detroit go bankrupt and explaind what he meant by "managed bankruptcy." he stuck with that in the sense, politically, you always try to make lemonade out of lemons. in a general election i don't think there is enough sugar in the world to make lemonade out of that position. that is why michigan likely will go democratic in the fall. but, this is a separate contest entirely with republicans. he can make some lemonade out of the it and he is making lemonade out of it, santorum simply has not stressed that position to the extent romney has. >>neil: very interesting, and you always very. thank you, larry. it is getting close do primary time, and boy, are the ladies
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getting very excited. >> she very charming. >> he has the whole james bond thing going. i love that. you leave wanting more. it is great. >> excited and thrilled. >> great. >> thriller. >>neil: indeed, i am. a real thriller indeed, well, maybe they were not talking about me but i would like you to prove it. i promise you will be thrilled with our nonstop coverage on next tuesday's coverage for the election in michigan and arizona, the only network on the planet that is doing it. 8:00 p.m., eastern, on fox business network. well, if you don't get fox business network? demand it! anyway, how about that green company solyndra? it turns out, not is green.
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>>neil: forget the taxpayer green losses to solyndra, green itself is lost. look at these photos from one of the solar companies. a mysterious gooey substance, court documents but does this look like clean energy to you? my guest does not think so and he is not surprised. steve, you think this company is maybe a little economically hypocritical? >>guest: well, not unusual hypocrisy abounds, arnold schwarzenegger jetting to and from his gaffe's job, al gore and his carbon consumption.
4:23 pm
>>neil: what is this stuff we are looking at? just stuff --. >>guest: even if the solar industry they use chemicals and chemicals produce waste. there is lead. these are part of the manufacturing process. this is to be expected. new, it is important that while this represents tremendous green hypocrisy there is no public health or environmental hazard. this stuff is disposed of, managed, cleaned up all the time and it will not be a problem but it does point out that we don't is green angels if the green industry, these are just people taking advantage of a scam. >>neil: what is disappointing to me, what you like it or notñi it looks like we were scammed. i didn't get half billion loan from the government so, my bad, so, it is going to sever as a
4:24 pm
reminder to folks that you might have green on your label but that does not noon you are running a green operation. >>guest: well, it is just a great sort of emblem of green hypocrisy like al gore getting out of the jet or house boat or 9,000 square foot mansion, he does not reduce the carbon footprint like he is telling everyone else they must, so is just another great symbol used by people like me to point out what hypocrisy. >>neil: have not seen any of these photos explains. they don't look, of course, a lot of them look like my kitchen in college. but i digress. gas spiking, up next, the democrats looking to tap the nation's emergency oil reserves. fast.
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>>neil: oil hitting a high today closing in on $110 a barrel. now, for seven straight sessions as gas prices surge. massachusetts democratic congressman says it is high time for the president to tap the nation's strategic petroleum reserve to ease the pain at punch. congressman, good to have you. isn't that saved for real crisis like act of war or permanent dislocation in supply? >>guest: we are in a real war right now. iranians are threatening the oil markets. that is why the speculators are
4:29 pm
running crazy with the price of oil right now. so if they are going to threaten us we have to threaten the iranians right back, again, by using the 700 million barrels of oil we have in reserve otherwise the price of oil is just going to so skyrocket that it is going do have a devastating impact upon our economic growth. >>neil: but what is your definition of "emergency." you are right gas prices have gone up markedly but they will go up a heck a lot more if we are at war or if the middle seat blowing up, then you really will need the oil and you have already tapped it, prior to that even happening. >>guest: well, we have 700 million barrels of oil in the strategic petroleum reserve. so we have plenty of oil here. the question is, do we allow this crisis which is already been going on for several months, to just continue to allow the iranians to continue
4:30 pm
to play games with the oil markets that hurt our economy, hurt the european economy, hurt economic recovery globally, or do we use this weapon? >>neil: what if it is just not them, but, all of a sudden as the president pointed out this week as the economy has been improving, here and abroad, demand has been picking up so it might be, indeed, a large part of what the iranians are threatening but there could be a case of the economy picking you, demand picking up, whatever effect you have is short-lived. >>guest: well, very interestingly we actually right now are consuming 7 percent less oil than we did a year ago. so we are down. and, we are at an eight year high in the amount of i'm drilling and oil produced off of our own soil. >>neil: but last time we did this it had a short life. we tapped it and it stoppedded it, and for a brief moment, it stabilized rices and they started marching north.
4:31 pm
>>guest: the strategic petroleum reserve is to opec, is to oil prices what krypton is to superman and the fear is switched, and consumers are not fear will of the price but the oil speculators, the iranians realize we will take the won't away from them, they better stop --. >>neil: then they see, all right, there is a short life, and then you are out of weapons, right? >>guest: well, we have 700 million barrels. we can begin to deploy right now. this is about the nuclear weapons program in iran. that is the threat. if we want to be serious about it, we let the irans know they are not going to hold our economy hostage. >>neil: because of consternation over you not getting, and i blame republicans and democrats, getting a handle on the deficit and the debt it
4:32 pm
weakened our dollar and oil is priced it dollars and it made a bad situation worse. >>guest: no question that it is part of a global story, but what has been going on over the last two months is principally related to iran, the fear that the speculators, the fear that the whole world has, and opec benefits from this, okay, and the only way you can send a message to opec, send a message to iran, is to say, we have a weapon, and we. it in the 1970's during that first crisis that you play games with us, in iran, and this time we are going to use it. >>neil: but don't you think what would really tick them off if we remain walking the talk but we said we will exploit all we can, we will go full production, full time, full throttle. >>guest: on the keystone pipeline i had an amendment on the house floor that said, last
4:33 pm
week, if we build a keystone pipeline the oil stays in the united states. the republican leadership made all the republicans vote against it keeping the oil from the ski tomorrow pipeline in the united states and then a bill to drill off of the beaches in florida and california, and i said it should stay in the united states and the republicans all voted against that, as well, and, the american petroleum institute does not want to use the reserve, so what is the point if we not using american oil to point the finger back at iran? we are going to actually use american resources that we have not reserve and our own soil to use as a weapon. but they are saying, no, no. >>neil: but there is a lot of blame on both sighteds and you raise a good point if this is an emergency and you want this for america, that is a good point but the bigger point, i think in times of an emergency, congressman, it is liked that ax
4:34 pm
behind the glass in public build education you only use in an emergency and this could be urgent but you know times have been worse. and, suddenly, we. used our super and only weapon for the time being, and we are out of bullets. >>guest: it depends on how you define "an emergency." but the early guests, economists have said this is going to put the economic recovery in the united states at risk. and it is imminent. so, you have --. >>neil: do you know if the president will do that? you have his ear, has he hinted he would? >>guest: i urge the president to take an aggressive posture using the strategic. >>neil: i know but what has he said? >>guest: the with the hasñi said they are putting together contingency plans and i do believe at the end of the day, we have to protect ourselves during the next several months with the tension with iran in hopes that we can basically make them surrender their weapons program, but they playing games with the "marketplace and, as a
4:35 pm
result with the economic recovery, in our country, and we cannot allow them to have it both ways to keep their nuclear weapons program. by putting our economy at risk and having us surrender. that not an acceptable alternative while tze"united states has to be as aggressive as the ayatollahs are, and put the fear in the saudi princes and the iranian leaders. >>neil: again, congressman, on a lighter note, sorry about the patriots, have a wonderful weekend. >>guest: you know what i think if you have to pick between patriots and pinheads you always pick the patriots. >>neil: good for you, congressman. better not rely on the tax refund to pay at the pump. the check? well, just say it is not in the well, just say it is not in the mail.♪
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>>neil: are you waiting for the tax refund?
4:39 pm
don't hold your breath. the i.r.s. and not get the check in the mail on time. tax prepareers are feeding numerous call thes and the i.r.s. said a glitch is to blame for the hold up and is being fixed. we will get into that in a second but first, my guest says the taxpayers are right to be angry but here we are. what is happening? >>guest: well, of course, i understand why they are upset, the i.r.s. has all year to prepare for this and get ready for it. but you cannot really blame the i.r.s. entirely. the i.r.s. has been asking for more employees for a long time and we don't have that money to give it to them and they don't have the manpower to deal with the obama regulations that are being put on them. >>neil: but they do have time for audits? >>guest: well, yes, they do, but, you know, they are having a lot of problems. they were requesting thousands of new i.t. employees because they have all the new implementations of a new system under obamacare and they have
4:40 pm
implemented that and they don't have the manpower to deal with it. >>neil: but, if i told the i.r.s., you know, i will get back to you when i can i am busy and rushed right now, i think the reaction with not be quite as accommodating. >>guest: i agree, if i did that at my job i would be fired like that. so it is ridiculous especially when so many americans are out of work and are waiting for that check or having money issues and they told they would have a timeframe when they would receive the check and they adjusted their finances according to that. people are upset and the i.r.s. is saying, stop calling you will get it when you get it. >>neil: and the statement i read as you were speaking, i cannot make sense of that. so the bottom line is people will get their money, they will get their refunds so in the end, is it as big a deal? or will it make people question
4:41 pm
filing their taxes so quickly? >>guest: most of the people who filed the taxes early are people would need that money desperately. so, now they know that they can not rely open the i.r.s. to get that money quickly. so, we will see what happens. >>neil: thank you very much. my advice to all of you, just tell the i.r.s. "just wait." see how that goes. michelle, thank you. so, your i.r.s. refund is delays, ride, and whatever extra cash you have lying around it is going to the gas tank. what are you to do? try knock out advise from a heavyweight we boxer turned financial advisor. randy is the author of a lot of books on this sort of thing but "fighting for your financial, futures round two," you could have had your shot at muhammad ali but you lost. >>guest: we fought for the new jersey heavyweight championship down the street in madison
4:42 pm
square garden. >>neil: you were ranked number six in the world. >>guest: well, actually, 9 in the world and six if the united states. >>neil: i am trying to help you here. and nows you have a good book and you offer a lot of advice, and mainly in this book you have practical advice. and, cash flow, boxers are increase torous for losing money, and if you spend more man you make you are in trouble. you avoided that. but average americans do it all the time. so now they are facing the rising gas prices. what do they do? >>guest: the cash flow of financial planning is similar to high blood pressure if the doctor doesn't do anything, get a new doctor. same with cash flow, if gas prices crimp your area, you can budget higher for it.
4:43 pm
or, two --. >>neil: but it has to come out of somewhere else? , or move closer to your job. take public transportation. get in the car pool. >>neil: i told hannity that, take public, transportation. and he has not gotten back to me. next is my new jersey, driver's listen, with "motorcycle," endorse president. i used to drive a motorcycle into new york city every day. >>neil: are you nuts? >>guest: i was younger. >>neil: a lot of our core audience may not be motorcycle drivers. what are other options? >>guest: well, one way, like the polices complain about the oil company, all you have to do is buy their stock, personally earn your 401(k) plan and if you are thinking gas prices are going up you can buy futures against it. >>neil: you argue this is sound, that we all live what we make, whatever you make you live that lifestyle and income and
4:44 pm
you say it should be automatic so that your savingsered no pain, just heart of your life, like another bill to pay but most of us don't get to that point. >>guest: the people that come to see me are that type of person. and they usual hi have been taught by their parents do not spend all you may, take ten percent and put it away and when you get into the habit, it is not that hard. >>neil: could i switch to boxing? what has happened to boxing? you talk at the end of the book, about 58 divisions now, and i don't ... i know we have five or six heavyweight champions, what has happened? >>guest: when frazier died a couple of months ago "new york times" had a great picture in the paper, looking like inflation chart, number of champions when frazier was championship, found. number now? 87. that is the first problem. the second problem is, this is america. we are the entitlement generation. guys don't want to fight.
4:45 pm
the mma is eater they only fight five rounds and it is over quickly. and they have taken a lot of the action. >>neil: and i thought about whitney houston passing away she could have died with $100 million fortune wiped out, and mike tyson story, $1 billion throughout his career and most of it squandered, gone. what happens? >>guest: that is true of the whole entertainment business. on this side of the street you have the talent, boxers and writers and on this side you have the management, patrons, managers, pimps, whatever, and these people know the story a lot better than us. they stay around and they go away quickly. guess who wins in >>neil: you are right. you are right. and now, hannity, you heard the advice. and now, china is testing missiles and nasa is testing menus? i cannot make this up.
4:46 pm
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>>neil: a new report that china is preparing for space warfare. and what is nasa working on? menus. looking for volunteers for new study taste testing astronaut food, each is paid $5,000 for the time and this is all for mission to mars which yet is not happening. making a menu for a restaurant that we do not have. for nasa engineer says that ain't the half it. don, so much else is going on, they are renting out nats -- nasa facilities, now. >>guest: things have gone from bad to worse since the last time we talked. what happens was, when bush decided to shut down the shuttle
4:50 pm
program and the replacement was supposed to be ready by 2014 and he left office and obama came in and they looked at what nasa had done and realized we cannot do it, so they started on a new program, commercial adventure where our astronauts would be carried to space by commercial vehicles. and, then, the bad thing was obama made a compromise about two years ago allowing this mars program to be rein-stated and now we have different situation trying to build a launch vehicle and commercial one. >>neil: but, don, what is amazing, some of our most famous launch pads including those that launched apollo 11 that brought us to the moon now you can rent them out for your kids' birthday
4:51 pm
party! 39 eggs, one of the most famous launch pad could be a chuck e. cheese. what is going on? >>guest: sign of the times. an example is auto industry they knew they had to retomb and come into the 21st century. nasa did not they want did do things as we did on the apollo program. you cannot do that. you cannot use the big heavy launch vehicles and the engineers have lost faith and members of congress have lost faith. we simply do not have a mission because of the direction. >>neil: well, thank god for guys like you in providing the history and memory. but, man, don, thank you very much. when we come back, were in atlanta, a "rage to define all rages," prove that neil cavuto may not vote like a butterfly but he can sting like a bee, the
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4:56 pm
nada, zippo. how do we change the game if nobody has no skin in the game, i said? lynn e-mails and says -- frank via yahoo -- apparent it already has, frank. lisa in hampton, maine -- steven, via gmail -- >> neil: well, first, don't you mean me and my show are snot rag? i digress. to the other point, a question for you. what about the americans' whose pay is below $70,000 and
4:57 pm
they do pay taxes? what should they do? not bitch. sally in arizona -- not bad, patty. i'm not saying that the truly poor need to pay even that much. just something. anything. all in. all of us paying in. donald in indiana -- >> neil: as it should, donald. as it should. darry in baton rouge, louisiana -- michael in california -- oh, yeah, michael? test the same 1% of your thick skull. if you tell me that 49.5% of folks in this country are the
4:58 pm
working poor, then you not only need to eat cake, but soon your idiotic words as well. lisa in texas -- >> neil: marianne in chicago wasn't interested in my message. just the way i said it -- well, i apologize if i were a tad rude and maybe even crude, mary, but i won't apologize for crudely exposing the means that politicians deceive and divide us. that just pisses me out. i said it again. but you know what i mean! i'm upset. apparenby the way, did any of ye this? out of all the presidential debates, there have been 20 of them, right? guess which one rated the most on cable? fox. not just fox.
4:59 pm
the one teeturing moai. maybe because we don't pull any punches. >> no, offense, you didn't answer my question. would you do? >> expect the same. hard-hitting coverage tuesday when we tackle the michigan and arizona primary, the market and the money. on fbn. if you don't get fbn -- >> demand it. >> because this is what is matters. you have to many choices on this type of coverage, when we are getting these results at night, keep in mind, europe is opening up later on. asia is already open. you're getting the first reaction to a presidential race, that i got to tell you they pay more attention often times than we do. this race is front page news in italian papers for example. think of that. we are this big in italy. and it's an italian-american anchor in america


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